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28 March 2010 @ 09:10 pm
Music Recs for a Sunday Evening  
I've been on a singer-songwriter kick lately - since I've "discovered" Ani Difranco (thank you gyzym for all the awesome recs).  And coincidentally, I've renewed my Magnatune membership, which gives me complete and unlimited download access to their catalog.  If you're not familiar with Magnatune, you should be.  They are the anti-recording company.  Artists that sign with them get 50% of the revenue from any sale, and up until recently, they had a sliding scale for payment (you could choose how much to pay for a download).  As of last week, the site has gone competely membership based, so for $15 a month, you have unlimited access - all you can eat - to DRM-free downloads.

I've been exploring their Rock and Pop section (usually I'm buried deep within the World and Classical catalogs), and I've discovered a few really wonderful artists that I need to share:

Sophia Marie: This is a total departure for me - but the girl!bass is incredible, and so are the songs.  Love, sex, hard rock.  The album is called Twisted.

Mercymachine:  A hybrid between Leonard Cohen and Kate Bush.  Check out In Your Bed, a concept album about unrequited love and sexual politics

Brad Senne:  Rough country folk - the ruined voice reminds me of early Dylan.  Of the three albums on Magnatune, I most recommend Aerial Views, and the song "Road Trip," which has been playing in my head for days.

Lastly, check out Robin Grey, who has a bit of Cohen and Richard Thompson (the notes also say Tom Waits, but I don't hear it myself).  English, and extremely sardonic.  The album is Strangers with Shoes.

For those of you with iPhones, Magnatune has an app that gives you complete streaming access to the catalog for free.

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